nO MOre Outsourcing....

Live Dvd's

  "No more outsourcing" is our motto.   
We have the vision to help ministries that don't have the resources or the time to do it on their own. 

     He began his training in high school and continued it in life throughout his job beginning in CB sales and service as well as sound technician in church.  Doug has thirty plus years training in audio/video field.   He  is a very versatile servant, the Producer for the Radio & TV Digital productions, as well as audio engineer to camera man to Chief Digital Editor, in which the final production was Mastered to Digital Film and DVD for Broadcast and VHS Productions.  He wants to continue doing this type of work and teaching for ministries that do not have the resources or the time to do it on their own.


      DVSS offers talent and knowledge of the Digital Realm to help educate and advance Ministries into the Digital Age of Broadcasting. We offer a full line of Digital equipment necessary for a Ministry or Business to start their own in-house-productions.  We will come to your location and do all the rigging and installation, as well as will train your staff how to use the equipment.      






     Our  main focus is to serving ministers and ministries as we understand the time it takes to pray and prepare for ministry behind the pulpit.  We desire to enable ministers to have that time needed to prepare without concern for the rest of the ministries needs. 

     We want to make a difference in people's lives in every way  by showing people the God we serve.  It is important for ministries and businesses to be self sufficient within their ministry/business, as this enables the minister and businessman to balance all their monies in an equal fashion, so that no department is suffering or neglected, resulting in all the ministry's and business' departments advancing the Kingdom of God decently and in order.  We will gladly provide counsel and information for ministries and business' requiring assistance concerning the basic "How To's".  Let us help you become self sufficient within.

     For the last six years Doug and his wife have traveled across the United States and to Japan to Entertainer Events such as Explosion with Ronnie Craig and Nance Fox, Lake George Fest with Jason Sherry and Terry Collins etc filming the events.

    We will provide you with professional advice in sound and video equipment that you will need to be successful in your ministry.  We look forward to working with you in the near future!  Thanks and God Bless You...